Trick or Treat??

Happy Halloween first off!

I have “survived” many years of Halloween and candy, even changed our expectations as a family during a couple years past. We all have a journey to go on figuring out what works for our family and I want you to know that—

1. I don’t judge:

Just because I am a Nutritional Therapist does not mean I am sitting on a pedestal pointing fingers at you or thinking I am perfect. I am still human and understand the struggle is real. Besides! I have been through it. What I do with my kids— My #1 rule they don’t question is candy with food dye. It is my absolute. But, don’t get me started, ha! We have been through all the tricks in the book too! But this is not about those… because

2. I care:

I care about you and your family and my desire is to educate you about health. I believe education creates the power to change our lives for the better. When we have knowledge it changes the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Our perspective changes and allows room to create new choices and new traditions.

3. Facts:

This year it is predicted that $9 billion dollars will be spent on Halloween candy which is the highest in history. Each year this number has been growing… but these are not the only numbers that are growing.

In March, 2018 the American Diabetes Association posted last year $327 billion dollars were spent to diagnose diabetes and $237 billion were spent on medical costs for diabetes alone. It is estimated that 1.5 million Americans are newly diagnosed every year and the numbers continue to grow.

4. Reality:

We have so many people around us, Mother’s, Father’s, brothers, sisters, children, (you get my point) that have Pre- or type 1 or 2 diabetes already. For them having candy could be very dangerous. So I propose that we consider changing out the candy in our buckets for something else instead. A treat doesn’t have to contain sugar to be sweet.

Thank you for your time! I truly hope everyone has a fun, safe, and amazing Halloween!


Sarah Eno, NTP

*disclaimer: I do not diagnose or give medical advice. Stats taken from the the ADA website.