Electronic Detox

          When it comes to detoxification, a lot of us think about the internal terrain of our bodies, fasting, eating healthier or incorporating exercise into our routines.  Detoxification in today’s world includes the detoxification of our, near-constant, interactions with wireless electronics that are often overlooked.  It’s all safe, right?  We would have certainly been informed if there was research that supported potential negative health effects from wireless electronic devices, no?

            The biological health impacts from exposure to electromagnetic frequencies/electromagnetic radiation emitted from electronic devices (EMF/EMR), some more than others, could be more well researched; however, many of these technologies are implemented into infrastructure and consumer markets before thorough research is performed.  What can we do?

            From my research, it is strongly recommended to use hard-wired (corded) connections as much as possible.  This translates into decreasing/eliminating wi-fi use as much as possible (use Ethernet cords for internet for wireless devices).  Turn off internet routers/modems, cellular phones, tablets, computers etc., during sleeping hours.  Do not place wireless devices on your body.

            These suggestions help our bodies to detoxify in ways that we don’t normally think about.  I’ve learned that this blog post is too short for the subject being written on.

            In the interest of keeping this blog post short and concise, more information/resources may be found at following links:



Please note the 550 citations at the end of the above-listed paper for further research/resources.

Doctor Morland, ND