Foods for Detox

Spring is traditionally a time of cleansing and renewal. It is the best time of the year for a detox. Having warmer, longer, and sunnier days gives us energy and a more positive attitude. Winter is time for being indoors and lowering our metabolism in order to put on weight to keep us warmer during the cold weather. Spring time provides opportunity to increase our energy, raise our metabolism and take off the weight we added on in the winter with all of our holiday meals and couch surfing. It’s time to get out, be active and cleanse ourselves both inside and out.

There are many ways to detox and cleanse but eating the proper detoxing foods is key. Winter foods tend to be heavier and fattier which help us put on weight. Spring foods are comprised of more fruits and vegetables to help us slim down.

Specific foods that help the liver to detoxify are in the Brassicaceae family. They include, but are not limited to, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, brussels sprouts, bok choy, arugula, kale and horseradish. These foods can easily be juiced or go great in salads. Consider a three to five day cleanse where you take out all processed sugar and meat. Eat fruits and veggies for vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Add lentils, beans, brown or wild rice and nuts for protein and fiber. And drink lots of water.

You might get a headache for a few days as your body cleans out toxins but most people by day three are sleeping better and have renewed energy and mood and say they feel better than they have in months or even years.