Be health minded in your products

Today’s natural products choices are vast.  There are a lot of natural products to pick from, for males and females alike.  Using the word natural has come to mean little more than from the earth, which can really mean almost anything.  The importance of finding the right body care products can be challenging, but they don’t have to be.  Your skin, the biggest organ of the body, will absorb most of what you put on it and will enter your body.

Instead of giving endorsement to any specific product or brand to purchase (of which I have no affiliation), I will list some ingredients to avoid when shopping for care products.


Try to avoid methyl- and propylparabens.  SLS, which is sodium laurel or sodium laureth sulfate, propyl- and ethylene glycol.  Fluoride is a bit of a mixed bag when considering avoiding it.


Try to avoid the same ingredients as above, in addition to dimethicone. Some of the other chemicals in conventional hair care may be harmful, but I have a resource for referencing safety.

This is a decent resource for gaining a general understanding of what chemicals/additives found in care products may be harmful.  I like to weigh on the side of the chemicals/additives being more harmful than reported. 

I hope you find this useful.

Dr. Dan Morlan