Thank you Mom.

This is for you Mom. Thank you. 

Hello, my name is Sarah Eno and I work at SNH as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I am a Mom of 2 boys, ages 11 and 13. As I reflect on Mother’s Day I wanted to say thank you Mom by saying it for all of us who are Mom’s by acknowledging the sacrifices you make. The biggest one being that you are the reason we are here.

There are few things in this world that really reach into our souls and bind us to another living being. Parenthood does this, this little being that comes into the world is dependent on us. They are bound to us for everything. Dependence is vulnerable and requires us to look outside of ourselves to fulfill this need. Sacrifice can be considered the hardest part of parenthood, but it also brings us the most joy. So why do we value the little moments of handmade cards with scribbles and breakfast in bed (even if it doesn’t taste good) is it because in that moment we have seen a reflection of our sacrifice in them as they think of us? That those small fractions of time compared to the vast oceans of sacrifice are worth it.

Parenthood is the single hardest job on this planet, yet we don't go to school to learn how to parent, it’s something that just happens. During this miracle time something magical happens, we evolve into someone that supports life and our lives are changed forever.

So how can we say thank you for the sacrifices you have made for us Mom? Your self-less love that covers us when we cannot love ourselves in difficult times. All the late-night feedings, toys you pick up, games you sacrifice your time for and changes that you make for us… You’re the single most important person to us, because without you we would not be here.

Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day!