Freedom of Choice

“Did you know that simply having pets in your household increases your gut microbiome significantly?”
— Dr. Odama

When you choose how you are going to live your life, there’s a lot of freedom in that – whether it has to do with your career path, partner, friends, pet(s), exercise, diet, hobbies, etc. There’s a lot of decisions that we make on a daily basis that make a huge impact on our wellbeing and who we are individually. 

When we make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle, that decision involves multiple choices throughout the day that impact our health.

One choice that I’ve never regretted was getting my dog, Yoshi. He’s always happy to see me, loves me unconditionally, and never fails to bring a smile to my face. He also keeps me active since he loves to go on walks, rain or shine!  Additionally, Yoshi has a positive impact on my gut health as well!

Did you know that simply having pets in your household increases you gut microbiome significantly? Those wet kisses and dirty paws do much to bring diversity to your gut flora that will result in a healthier digestive tract and a stronger immune system. 

 So the next time your dog or cat gives you a wet kiss, thank them on behalf of your gut!

Dr. Odama

Dr. Odama's dog Yoshi

Dr. Odama's dog Yoshi