Your eating out survival guide!

I love to eat out. It means I don’t have to cook or clean up! But I also love to feel good and sometimes there are limited options so here are a few of my go to tips for eating out; helping you to create a health promoting meal regardless of if you are home or eating out.

First things first! FRAME OF MIND—think strategy here, because ultimately no matter what you will have to make a choice, and choices matter.

Knowing what your weakness is before you go out can help you with choices and keep you on track. That fish and chips meal with those crunchy fries—tempting you just by being on the menu… See right now is when you would make a choice—And here is one of my frame of mind strategy’s: For me knowing that fried foods have been shown to create joint pain is enough for me to say, “No Way!” because I do not want to have joint pain. In other words, I came into this situation knowing what my choice was going to get me—and it helped me make my choice.

So here we go!

Game plan 1. Eat REAL Food—

If it comes from the earth, then it’s a health promoting choice—Here are some simple questions to ask yourself if you are unsure.

  • Is it a protein: Beef, chicken, eggs, beans, or fish.
  • Is it a vegetable? Salad, steamed veggies, sweet potato or baked potatoes.

Tip: If you are craving that hamburger on the menu, get it without the bun and ask for some lettuce to make a wrap. And… some places will even let you substitute… which brings me to my next point.

Game plan 2. Substitute—

Enlist the help of your server. 99% of the time they are willing to help you if you let them know.

  • Sub bread for salad.
  • Get some extra protein
  • Ask for no oil
  • Always get the dressing on the side if you are unsure.
  • Ask for the ingredient list ahead of time.

Game plan 3. Avoid—

If you have a sensitivity or allergy, then these items need to be a priority on your avoid list. The way I like to look at this is that there are so many other foods out there that you can have.

Think of it like this: Everyone has a choice. If you know what foods you are sensitive to then that is half the battle. You are now set up to avoid those foods rather than feeling the effects and not knowing why. To me that’s a win!

  • Tell your server that you have an allergy so that they can help you with the menu

An avoid for everyone: Processed white cane sugar and corn syrup. The rates for sugar related diseases have never been higher. Make the choice to not put yourself at risk and avoid it at all costs.

Eating out can be enjoyable and I believe you can do it!

Happy eating!

Sarah Eno, NTP