Flu tips!

Acupuncture techniques for treating Upper Respiratory Infections:

Gua sha is a scraping technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for clearing heat and inflammation from the body.  It is most often used today to treat pain conditions such as tendinitis or muscle tension, but it can also be used to treat congestion in the lungs from someone suffering from a cold or flu.  It is a great way to increase circulation and clear congestion from the lungs.  People often feel “lighter” after the treatment and report that they can breathe easier, cough less, and recover quicker.

Another technique that is helpful when you are sick is cupping.  Like gua sha, cupping also helps to clear heat and inflammation from the body, but it has a deeper effect on the muscles and the meridians involved. It’s another great option to help expel cold or flu pathogens from the body tissues while also providing relaxation and pain relief at the same time!

 So next time you’re suffering from cold or flu symptoms, consider trying the TCM route!

 Happy health!

Dr. Odama

Cupping used for back pain

Cupping used for back pain