Can you hug your detox system?

Epsom Salt was discovered in 1618 as hydrated magnesium sulphate by a farmer, in you guessed it, EPSOM, England. The farmer noticed one day the cows refused to drink water from a certain well and when the farmer tasted the water, it was very bitter. The same was true with coffee; when a goat-herder took the goats to the field they would always stop at the coffee shrub/tree. After they ate the berries, they had more energy to frolic, and coffee was born.

What is interesting about both these stories is the animals were noticed by their behavior to look further and what was noticed changed history. And in the case of Epsom salts changed the world of healing forever because this farmer noticed that when he soaked his scratches in that well water his rashes and scratches healed faster. It has been referred to as “old medicinal friend” for centuries after.

Fast forward to today. Epsom Salt baths are relaxing, can leave you feeling better when sick, exfoliate skin, and soothe sore muscles. Epsom Salt is also used to “draw out” toxins and therefore is recommended to only soak for 20 mins as to not “reabsorb” the toxins. It also may increase magnesium levels, improve sleep, and improve stress since stress often leads to lower magnesium levels.

Epsom salt is a fairly inexpensive “remedy” for aching muscles, cramps, and inflammation. Most people with pain find these baths are helpful in reducing the pain and swelling they are experiencing. Think of it like a hug for your detox system because your detox system will most likely feel great afterwards!

There should be caution taken if you have any heart issues, however, by asking your Doctor if this bath could work for you. Also, if you develop a rash or itchy skin discontinue use.

How to for general use:

·       1.5 - 2 cups of Epsom salt added to your warm bath.

·       Soak for only about 20 min, making sure you rinse off after your bath.

·       Lay down and rest afterwards for 15-30 mins. Perfect before bed!

Yours in good health!

Sarah Eno, NTP

*Not intended to diagnose or treat disease. Always consult your Doctor before stopping or adding any kind of medication or health routine.