Earth's Grounding Power

Human beings are energy.  Although we don’t generate an output of power to hold a charge for our electronics, our body's energy is powerful. One of the ways we can measure the body's energy is in caloric intake. We know that one calorie is equivalent to 4,200 joules, and the average intake is about 2,000 calories a day. The body relies on food intake for energy and specific food gives us more energy to “burn” than others. If you google search "best foods for energy" you will find lots of recommendations. But lets talk for a moment about the energy and "electrical" energy of the body and the earth.

We know that the earth puts out an enormous electrical charge, it is known as the geomagnetic field, and its energy field reaches from the earth’s interior all the way into space. This planet get's most of it's energy from the sun, and it uses this energy to make the food we eat. Not only do we get nourishment from the energy that is taking place within this cycle, but we are creating our own source of energy from the food we eat. Think of this like an energy source, and like and energy/electrical "charge" we need to be "plugged" in, if you will, back to the grounding source that can keep our energy stable.

Have you ever walked on the beach and thought, “Wow, this feels great!”, or had a chance to hike in nature, grabbing on to trees or rocks? It feels great. What about gardening and getting your hands in the dirt? This is grounding and you have already been grounding without knowing it and there is a reason that it felt great. You are reconnecting your energy source to the ground to stay balanced.

Many studies have shown that grounding outside on the bare earth balances the diurnal rhythm of stress hormones. Taking the time to walk outside barefoot reconnects us to the grounding effect of the earth's electrical charge and it really does have an impact on us. There are also many other grounding products if you cannot make it outside, such as grounding pads, sheets, chair pads and body bands.

Taking the time to walk outside barefoot on the earth has been shown to;

· Reduce stress

· Relieve inflammation and arthritis

· Create balance and peace in one’s life

· Brighten your mood

· Improved circulation

Happy grounding and Happy Earth Day!

Sarah Eno, NTP