What can Homeopathy do for you?

This is the season to be thankful.  Many people are thinking about what they are thankful about during this time.  For some the list is long and easy to think of.  For others it can be more of a struggle.  There are many things that I am grateful for.  The last 6 years have been challenging for me on the health front.  For five years I battled long and hard against a mysterious illness that left me extremely fatigued both physically and emotionally.  Just as I started to recover my health my mother began to experience chronic pain that 8 hydrocodone pills a day didn’t help.  Curiously for both of us our illnesses started after very bad tooth infections.   

My mother and I are both on the mend.  I am grateful for my mother.  She was there for me every second of my illness.  I am grateful that I could be there for her every second of her illness.   

But at this very moment what I am most thankful for is homeopathy.  I tried many medicines, both prescription and natural, for both my illness and my mothers.  Many helped a lot...but didn’t provide a cure.  The one medicine that made the biggest difference for both of us was homeopathy.  In fact, my mother, a month and a half after starting homeopathic treatment, is no longer taking any pain medications except her homeopathic remedy.  She went from taking 8 hydrocodone pills a day to not taking any at all in 6 weeks time thanks to homeopathy!!! 

Homeopathy is probably the most misunderstood medicine in existence and probably one of the most controversial.  I have had many patients come to my office and when I suggest they try homeopathy they tell me they read on the internet that it doesn’t work and there is no research on it.  I am here to tell you from my own personal experience treating myself, my mother and my patients that it most certainly does work and there is a plethora of research on its benefits in a myriad of health complaints. 

 The biggest reason that people cite for homeopathy not working is the fact that homeopathic remedies are made by diluting a medicinal substance in water over and over again until none of the original substance is left.  So if there is no more substance left how can it work, right?  This question has confounded doctors and scientists for the past 200 years.  But answers to this question are forthcoming.  New research on water is showing that the process of making homeopathic remedies actually potentiates their therapeutic properties rather than diminishing them.   

In fact, this past July, University of Washington professor of bioengineering, Jerry Pollack, Ph.D., outlined properties of water at a major research conference at London’s Royal Society of Medicine supporting the therapeutic effects of homeopathic medicines.  If you are curious and open minded and would like to learn more about the research supporting how homeopathy works please click on the link below to go to the article discussing the research presentations given at this conference, two of which were given by winners of the nobel prize.


Dr. G