Dr. Odama is moving to Hawaii!!

Her last day at Serene Natural Health is July 12th.


Serene Natural Health is looking for a healthcare provider who will complement our team of practitioners. We are looking for any of the following skill sets to join us: acupuncturist, massage therapist, naturopathic medicine, chiropractor, reiki, bio/neurofeedback, rolfing, ayurvedic medicine, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, etc.

 Rent is $50/day and includes telephone and utilities. Space is available Monday through Friday. Also includes use of waiting area, break room and building facilities with ample parking. Two rooms are available for acupuncturist to see 2 patients at the same time. Our current acupuncturist, who has a very busy practice, is moving to Hawaii in July. There is an opportunity to take over her patient load and be very busy from the start. This is especially true if the provider is insured with Kaiser. Space is available as soon as July 15th. 

For new practitioners who are building their practice we are open to having independent contractors and splitting fees.

 Please call Serene Natural Health at 425-689-7007, or email at info@serenenaturalhealth.net if interested.

Serene Natural Health is here for your health care needs.

Dr. González is a naturopathic physician who is board certified in homeopathy.

  • She sees patients of all ages with all health concerns but her passion is working with kids with behavior disorders.

  • She also does craniosacral therapy, IV nutrient therapy and is our hyperbaric medicine specialist.

Sarah Eno is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner.

  • She helps people find health through smart eating choices. She guides, connects, and brings people to their health goals using whole food nutrition and nutritional supplements.